August at the Studio

Greetings fellow fabric lovers!

August has started in a flurry of activity and a chance to see many of our quilting friends at the Bayberry Quilters’ quit show last week down on Cape Cod!  The weather cooperated this year and the days were warm but dry.  Saturday’s rain even held off until we were all packed up!  The Bayberry Quilt Guild has some very productive, and talented!, ladies and the quilts were beautiful, whimsical, happy, awe-inspiring, creative….all those things a good quilt show should be.  *smile*

Now we’re sad – there’s nothing to make you want to dive into a new quilting project like being inspired by a good quilt show….but alas, it’s Monday morning and back to work!

Speaking of work….we’ve been looking at our calendars and because of end-of-the-summer schedules, the Studio will NOT be open for the month of August.  However, starting in September, we guarantee to be open the first weekend of every month – Saturday, 11am-7pm and Sunday, 11am-5pm.  From there, you can view the calendar for other open days…and yes, the calendar WILL be posted on this site sometime THIS month – we promise! *sheepish smile*

Also remember that you can always call – if we answer the phone, we’re there and you’re welcome to come by – or write us to make an appointment.

Thanks and happy end-of-summer! (we can’t WAIT for cooler weather! *grin*)

Shelly and Sherry

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